Sept. 21, 2018



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The shiver of fall in the air has us ready and rarin’ to get out of the house -- and as always, this weekend’s events run the gamut of educational to sensational. Visit all the museums you’ve been meaning to (for free!), shop art shows and artsy markets, journey into the underworld through improv, witness the takedown of Top Gun, and enjoy the tête-à-tête between Beto and Ted. Here's everything you need to do this weekend in Austin.

Friday, September 21
Various locations
Voting: It’s a thing. While you're probably already registered (right??), it’s also good to know what and whom you’re voting for, as it turns out -- which is why bars all over the city are hosting watch parties for the debate between Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz for Texas' congressional seat. Because politics basically necessitate drinking.
Cost: Free-ish

Don’t lose that lovin’ feeling at Master Pancake vs. Top Gun

Friday, September 21
Alamo Drafthouse
This is Tom Cruise before the couch episode, before the Katie Holmes scenario, before Scientology (we think) -- and even though it’s totally the best movie, it’s high time Master Pancake ripped this classic of Reagan-era patriotism to hilarious shreds.
Cost: $15

Pre-game Halloween at Wizard World

Friday, September 21
Austin Convention Center
We all know that Halloween is a hot mess, and for costume purists, it’s probably downright disgusting -- but you know where costumes are taken super seriously? At Wizard World. Cosplay is a way of life, so take your spandex-warping ingenuity somewhere it'll actually get appreciated. Plus, Lou "I'm more than just The Hulk, guys" Ferrigno is going to be there.
Cost: $40+

Go big or go home with Big Art ATX

Saturday, September 22
Cherry Cola Dog
Those blank walls aren’t going to dress themselves! Live art on-site, plus DJs, plus BYO means this might just be the coolest art show/sale you’ve ever deigned to attend. Support local artists for instant karmic points.
Cost: $10-15

Stroll the street at North Loop’s Block Party

Saturday, September 22
North Loop
Buy some vintage at Blue Velvet, have a cocktail at Drink. Well, browse the racks at Forbidden Fruit, try on something sassy at Bertha’s, shop sidewalk sales, or do any number of other things at North Loop’s IBIZ Block Party. Plan on dinner and a hookah at Phara’s for post-party sustenance.
Cost: Free

Journey to the underworld with La Vida de Los Muertos

Saturday, September 22
Hideout Theatre
The combination of mariachis and a colorful Dia De Los Muertos-themed improv on one stage all but guarantees a good night. With an all-Latinx cast romping around the magical underworld in bright colors and black light, this might be the most unique thing you see this month.
Cost: $15

Get cultured on Austin Museum Day 2018

Sunday, September 23
Museums around Austin
Over 40 museums participate in this all-day celebration of learning. In addition to free museum entry, take a look at the schedule for performances, art-making, and other activities. Pro tip: Go to the museums you really want to see early, or risk a line.
Cost: Free

Shine on Sunday Shindigs

Sunday, September 23
Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
Drinking some drinks, having some snacks, tapping along to some tunes -- now that’s a perfect Sunday. Head on over to Cosmic Coffee to sit under their trees and hang out while Jason Robert Blum, JJ Johnson, and Dave Monsey provide the live music.
Cost: Free

Stroll around the East Austin Makers Market

Sunday, September 23
1906 Cesar Chavez
local artists, makers, vintage shops, collectors, and creatives gather every Sunday at this East Austin market to show off their wares. The coolest aspects of Austin are on display at these kinds of events -- and so, too, should you be. Take advantage of the relatively cooler temps, and get your steps in for the day.
Cost: Free

Source: Thrillest Austin



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Sept. 20, 2018

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Sept. 19, 2018

Dulux's Colour of the Year for 2019 has been revealed

It's a shade that lends itself to a broad spectrum of interior styles.


SEP 4, 2018


Spiced Honey has been revealed as Dulux's Colour of the Year for 2019 – a versatile shade filled with warm and inviting tones of amber and rich caramel signalling positivity, purpose and transformation.

UK paint brand Dulux developed the colour of the year with several themed matching palettes as part of the brand's industry-acclaimed ColourFutures trend forecast.

'2018 was an unsettling and unpredictable time,' says Dulux, having named Heart Wood their Colour of the Year for 2018. 'We were overwhelmed by the deluge of news, choices and demands upon our time, causing us to close up and retreat into spaces where we feel safe and cocooned. We pressed pause and took time to regroup.

'As we move forward into 2019, we find this pause has given people time to re-energise and deal with the sense of unpredictability with positive action, optimism and purpose. If the unpredictability of last year forced people to retreat and regroup, 2019 is the time for their awakening. We are ready to "Let in the Light".

Heleen van Gent, head of the Global Aesthetic Centre, who chairs the ColourFutures panel annually, explains: 'Every year, we seek to transform a trend into a colour that responds to consumer needs and enables them to bring a mood, affecting their life, in to their homes.

'In 2019, as a society, we want to reach out, engage with our communities, make things better and "be the change" – anything from supporting charities to small acts of neighbourly kindness. It’s time to act and Spiced Honey enables transformation inspiring a positive, emotional change.'

This contemporary he is described as 'versatile, sophisticated and timeless'. Depending on the palettes and light surrounding it, it can be both calming and nourishing or stimulating and energising.

Marianne Shillingford, creative director for Dulux UK, says Spiced Honey has a 'raw, natural quality that works like a warm neutral,' making it adaptable to pairing with different materials and styles of decoration.

'Its rich caramel tones visually turn up the thermostat a few degrees and so it’s perfect for creating a relaxed cosy atmosphere in places where we like to think, dream, love and act,' she continues. 'It looks especially good when teamed with whites and off whites in furniture and furnishings which gives it a contemporary feel.'w to paint a honeycomb - wall decorating ideaouse Beaem 0:02


How Dulux's Colour of the Year is decided

2019 marks the 16th year of the global ColourFutures annual trend forecast from Dulux, which involves an expert panel of colour designers, design specialists, trend forecasters, architects and editors from around the world joining together to discuss what we increasingly need from the spaces around us. Capturing a universal theme, they finally suggest a colour that suitably embodies the mood of the moment for the year ahead.


*Article from House Beautiful UK 

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Sept. 18, 2018

Exchanging Business Opportunities in Asia – IREC 2018


Posted: 11 Sep 2018 01:04 PM PDT


Real estate agents and leaders from 19 countries gathered last week in Hanoi, Vietnam for the International Real Estate Conference (IREC), for two days of business and best practice exchange. To see each of the delegations so proudly representing their countries was very powerful. Though each country has its own culture, business practices, and varying real estate industry regulations – they each come together this week with one common goal: to raise the standards of real estate for the benefit of all real estate agents and homeowners around the world.

NAR First Vice President, Vince Malta, opened the conference with a strong and unifying message, “Our economies are connected. Our businesses are connected. And so are our respective memberships,” he said. “As leaders in our organizations, it is our duty to make sure our agents have the competencies and skills to make the real estate transaction as efficient, ethical, and personal as possible for property buyers.” 

What is the value of the IREC for the U.S., and other countries around the world? 

Research – and practical, everyday experience – shows us that globalization is changing the way business is conducted, and who we are conducting business with. The likelihood that your next client will hail from somewhere other than the United States is increasing dramatically. By helping to facilitate events like the IREC, NAR is ensuring that real estate agents and clients coming to the United States are prepared and more trusting of the U.S. real estate market. For residents of the U.S., it is easy to forget that in many countries, licensing and regulation in real estate do not exist. For example – of our 18 partner countries in Asia, only 9 have a formal licensing system. Even fewer have an MLS system, as in most cases exclusive representation does not exist in those countries. As session speaker and Chairman of the Board of California Regional MLS, Tom Berge, Jr., pointed out – the technology is the easy part. It’s the mindset that needs to change in order to implement an effective MLS.

These differences in business practices can present challenges for U.S. real estate agents. However, it can also be very rewarding. Helping families settle, employees relocate, or students find housing in a new country is a gratifying feeling, and this opportunity to own property might not be available to them in their home country. In addition, it’s a profitable area for REALTORS®, as foreign buyers typically spend over $160,000 more per home than domestic buyers.

Thanks to all who attended the International Real Estate Conference in Hanoi, particularly our President’s Liaisons who are instrumental in building our connections in these countries. Please share your experiences in the comments, and we hope to see you next year in Japan! 

*Article from The Global View

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Sept. 17, 2018

If Not Washington DC, Where Will Amazon's Second Headquarters Land?

 Annie Gaus 


Let the guessing games continue.

At a speech on Thursday evening at the Economic Club of Washington DC, (AMZN - Get Report) CEO Jeff Bezos didn't offer any clues to where his company's second quarters (HQ2) would land, despite earlier speculation that the greater Washington area would ultimately win out. But he reiterated that the site of Amazon's second headquarters would be revealed later this year.

Of more than 230 cities that submitted bids to host the tech behemoth's new headquarters, Amazon announced 20 finalists in January. They included Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland, all clustered close to the District. Amazon estimates that the new facility will generate up to 50,000 new full-time jobs, and a capital expenditure of $5 billion on the project.

Amazon's criteria for choosing a new site include a population of at least one million, a business-friendly environment and potential to draw tech talent and think "creatively" about real estate and other factors. Based on that criteria, Amazon watchers have analyzed everything from internet traffic to flight logs of Jeff Bezos' private jet to handicap where the second headquarters could land.

Other than the nation's capital, here are several other possible contenders:

1. Boston, MA

Back in March, Wells Fargo Securities ran an analysis using its AI system, Aiera. Analyzing public discussions of Amazon's decision-making, the system determined that Boston was the most likely contender. Home to a number of top universities, the city would certainly be a strong contender for its pool of talent. Amazon also has a substantial presence in the city already, having recently added 2,000 new jobs to its tech hub in Boston.

2. Chicago, IL

An analysis by consulting firm Resonance ranked Chicago as the most likely metro area to win out. According to their analysis, the city's solid infrastructure includes a well-functioning public transit system, as well as local university talent pipelines could be attractive to the tech behemoth. And while the city isn't all that cheap, it's downright affordable in terms of labor costs compared to major coastal cities like Washington DC or New York City. And as the nation's third-largest city, it may be more easily able to absorb 50,000 new jobs than smaller finalists such as Nashville or Indianapolis.

3. Austin, TX

Could the wisdom of the crowd offer clues to where HQ2 will land? The online betting site Bovada recently released odds on the top cities for Amazon's new HQ, with Austin ranking third at +400 odds according to the site (first and second place belonged to Northern Virginia and Washington DC). Texas has been cited as an attractive state for Amazon to find a second home, given its business-friendly climate and strong university system. Austin, the fourth-largest city in Texas, is also known as a tech talent hub.

4. Arlington, VA

Bezos may not have announced the HQ2 this week, but that doesn't mean the greater Washington DC area is out of the running. As noted by many observers, Bezos has ties to the area as the owner of the Washington Post, and also owns a mansion in the District. Arlington is just across the river from DC, and Bezos travels there often according to flight logs on his private jet. Much like the neighboring areas of DC and Montgomery County, Arlington offers proximity to the nation's center of power, strong talent pipelines and a bi-coastal presence for the tech giant.

It isn't known what incentives that Arlington has offered in exchange for HQ2 -- in many cases, specific terms of the bids have been redacted -- but a recent spike in traffic from Amazon's internal servers to an Arlington news site has been cited as potential evidence that Northern Virginia could wind up the winner.

*Article from

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Sept. 13, 2018

Can Challenging Home Design Increase Lifespan?

September 12, 2018

One Hamptons home, known as the Bioscleave, is being touted by its creators as being able to help its residents live longer by incorporating physically challenging design elements. The architectural team, Arakawa and Gins, say the uniquely designed home is based on 40 years of scientific and philosophical research and that the home has the power to strengthen an immune system.


The colorfully painted home is attention-getting, inside and out. It's built on the idea of using architecture and decor to stimulate the daily life of residents, and true to that vision, it takes plenty of active attention to simply walk through the structure's hallways. For example, residents have to navigate extremely uneven floors using vertical poles that they can hold onto for support; windows are varying heights and walls are unusually arranged in 52 bright, eye-popping colors.

“The architects believed that the constant awareness of how one is using their body and senses can allow the body to constantly reconfigure itself and eventually strengthen the immune system,” reports. “Ideally, these physical and sensory challenges and improved immunity would eliminate much of the deterioration of old age as we know it.”

An extension was built onto the original 1964 A-frame home in East Hampton on Long Island, New York. The Bioscleave addition to the home measures 2,700 square feet, and contains a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, sunken kitchen, and a raised dining area and work platform. The home is currently on the market at $2.495 million.



Hamptons House May Extend Lifespan,” (September 2018)

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Sept. 12, 2018

Can't Sleep? Try This Diffuser....

September 11, 2018 by BRITTANY NATALE

 Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Not being able to fall asleep easily may be one of the most frustrating things to experience.Tossing, turning, and obsessively calculating how much time you'll have left for shut-eye can throw anyone into a state of panic. Stress from work, family, and life in general may sometimes come in the way of you and peaceful slumber, and relaxation can sometimes be hard to achieve. Unfortunately, the lack of it can really affect your sleep schedule. Thankfully, there is a special diffuser that can help you easily reach ultimate bedtime relaxation.

The HoMedics SoundSpa Slumber Scents Diffuser ($100) from Urban Outfitters is a diffuser that utilizes a combination of essential oils, soft-colored lighting, and soothing sounds to lull you into a state of tranquility. You can choose from any of the preprogrammed calming nature sounds or connect your favorite device via Bluetooth to create your own peaceful soundtrack.The diffuser kit also comes complete with an essential oil sample kit, dubbed "Slumber Scents," so you can use the product right after setup. What we also love so much about this gem — besides, well, everything — is that it can also act as your alarm clock . . . and fewer nightstand items equals less nightstand clutter.

Shop this dreamy wonder ahead!


*Article from PopSugar

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Sept. 11, 2018

Foreclosures on the rise.....

Austin home foreclosure starts jump, according to alarming new report

By John Egan 

8.30.18 | 10:45 am 


The Austin area saw a 65 percent spike in foreclosures in May 2018. 

Editor's note: This story has been updated with additional foreclosure data for July 2018; the headline has been updated to reflect this change.

Austin, it looks like we might have a foreclosure problem. This summer, the Austin area posted alarming year-over-year jumps in the number of homes starting to go through foreclosure, according to a new report from ATTOM Data Solutions.

The Austin area saw a 65 percent increase in what’s known as foreclosure starts in May 2018 compared with May 2017; that was followed by year-over-year increases of 44 percent and 29 percent in June 2018 and July 2018, respectively. The total number of foreclosure starts in Austin in July 2018 was 126.

A foreclosure start represents the first public notice of a foreclosure proceeding.

“The increase in foreclosure starts was somewhat expected in Houston and some parts of Florida — particularly Jacksonville — given the hurricane-induced flooding there last year,” says Daren Blomquist, senior vice president of ATTOM, a provider of real estate data. “But the widespread upward trend in foreclosure starts across a geographically diverse set of markets this summer indicates there is more to this trend than just natural disasters driving increased distress, although that is an interesting and important piece to all this.”

Blomquist says July’s nationwide uptick (less than 1 percent) in foreclosure starts compared with the same month in 2017 “reflects a gradual loosening of lending over the past few years that is naturally resulting in higher foreclosure numbers across a diverse set of housing markets.”

July marked the first year-over-year increase in foreclosure starts nationwide following 36 consecutive months of year-over-year decreases, ATTOM says.

In total, 96 of the 219 metro areas analyzed in the ATTOM report, or 44 percent, posted year-over-year hikes in foreclosure starts in July. Twenty-one states saw increases, including Texas (7 percent).

Houston was the only other Texas market listed in the report as having notched three months in a row of significant year-over-year increases in foreclosure starts.

The Houston area saw a 76 percent spike July compared with last July, the ATTOM report says. This followed two months of double-digit increases in the Houston area compared with last year: 62 percent in June and 153 percent in May.



*Article from Culturemap Austin

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Sept. 10, 2018

Looking for your new home?

Retired tennis star Andy Roddick selling Austin estate

By Marissa Luck  – Staff Writer, Austin Business Journal

Sep 6, 2018, 3:03pm CDT Updated 7 hours ago

Retired tennis player Andy Roddick and his wife, model and actress Brooklyn Decker, have put their West Austin estate on the market for $5.95 million.

The 7,367-square-foot mansion on Angelwylde Drive appeared Thursday on the local multiple listing service. The mansion sits on a secluded 15-acre property with views of the Hill Country.

The property’s assessed value is $2.29 million, according to Travis Central Appraisal District records.

Roddick and Decker will remain in Austin with their young children and they already have purchased a new home, said Jonathan Creath, a broker with Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty who represents the couple. He declined to specify where their new home is but he said it was a slight downsize from the Angelwylde Drive mansion.

It sounds a bit like Lance Armstrong's recent home swap.

"They’re staying here," Creath said of Roddick and Decker. "They’re keeping their residence in Austin. They absolutely love this town. He pours a lot into his foundation, the Andy Roddick Foundation, which is based here."

Roddick bought the Northwest Austin home in 2013, roughly 10 years after it was custom-built by local luxury homebuilder Don Crowell and designed by architecture firm Webber + Studio, Architects.

Since then Decker and Roddick remodeled the kitchen, opening up the space and adding white marbling on the countertops that extends up the walls as a backsplash and on the vent hood, Creath said.

The couple also added a temperature-controlled wine cellar to hold their growing wine collection. And they created a new master bedroom by expanding a guest bedroom and adding a master bathroom with a copper soaking tub and oversized shower.

"They reinvented the property (but) it still has a lot of the wonderful parts it started with, like wood beams from the Chicago Stock Exchange," Creath said.

Realtor Cord Shiflet of Moreland Properties represented the original owners who custom built the property, although he isn’t associated with the property now.

“It’s one of the most special homes I’ve sold in my 20 year career — the finest craftsmanship was used to build it,” Shiflet said. “It’s on several acres, totally private with nice Hill Country views. It’s just a real special house. It’s a house that has a heart, a house that has a soul.”

*Taken from Austin Business Journal

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Sept. 7, 2018

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